8/31/06: Los Trancos & Viste Verde Way (23.4 Miles)

After falling off my bike at the top of the main Los Trancos climb the previous day, I was curious to see where the rest of the road went. As I rode up Alpine my legs were definitely soar but I decided that I would just take things slowly. I made it up the steep section of Los Trancos and I was definitely tired but I decided to keep plugging away up the road. I was pleased to learn that Los Trancos isn’t that steep after Ramona. Well actually its probably in the ball park of Old La Honda or maybe a little bit more gentle, but it certainly feels like a break after grinding through 18%. The ride was narrow and beautiful and made all the more enjoyable by the huge smile I got from the cute lady unloading her groceries as I passed by. I don’t know the exact distance but I would guess about 1-1.5 miles after Ramona, Los Trancos essentially becomes Viste Verde Way. I didn’t even notice the change but the maps do show Los Trancos splitting off to the right. Viste Verde Way had really big surprise in store form after the intersection where Ramona rejoins the road. Man is that section Steep! It supposedly only 15-17% over .33 miles to Old Spanish Trail, but it felt like 24% over a mile. I was dying climbing that section and I had to take a 2 minute break after about a quarter mile. In retrospect, I think could have made it to the top if I had know how close I was. After climbing up Los Trancos, Viste Verde Way is like a punch to the gut. That said, the views are amazing and riding along Old Spanish Trail I felt like I was on top of the world… literally, its so such a narrow peak that I actually felt like I was on top of the world. Coming down Joaquin and Upper Alpine are tough decents. At 15-20% Juaquin is just ridiculously steep and requires caution. Upper Alpine road has a couple of steep sections but its narrow and winding nature is what makes it difficult. They are both the kind of roads that I take at 15-20 mph when one could easily hit 35-40mph. After decending Alpine I made a left on Willowbrook and took Portola and Sand Hill Road home. I was wiped out.

Here are my stats:

1h 42m 59s

23.44 miles

13.6 avg mph

34.0 max mph

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