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My physical fitness and weight have fluctuated dramatically throughout my life. At times I have been in great shape running, cylcing and/or playing soccer almost every day. At one point I was on the verge of entering semi-pro cycling races. However, at other times I’ve been as much as 50 pounds over weight and a very unactive. At the moment, I’m very out of shape. I’m not 50 pounds over weight but each day that I don’t excercise and/or overeat I take a step closer to it.  Thus, I’ve made the decision that it is time to make a change and I’m trying to find ways to build my fitness back in a sustainable manner. I’m not as concerned about being as thin as I’ve previously been, as I am about building healthy habits that I’m willing to stick with. Writing this blog serves as both a training log and a little bit of extra motivation on the days when its tough to get off the couch.

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  1. Kevin on


    I really enjoyed reading your comments on the ride over to HMB and back the following day. I am really impressed with your fitness and know I can no longer do rides like this. I wish I had gotten into cycling when I was younger and could ride along with you on these wonderful rides. For now I must just sit here at home and enjoy your diary and comments which lets me feels like I have been along these roads with you.


  2. wayne on

    I see there have been no updates since October. I read somewhere in your blog about feeling discouraged after taking some time off the bike. I raced for a decade and quit in 1995. I’ve been back on the bike for a couple years and have found myself in shape and out of shape.

    It is discouraging to get back on the bike even when you’ve only taken a few days off. The legs don’t turn as well and it feels as though you’ve lost all the form that you’ve been working on for the past weeks/months.

    I’ve learned that it is so important to keep riding through that. It’s important to have the confidence in knowing that a foundation has been built through training and that it simply does not go away if you have taken a few days or a couple weeks off the bike. It’s harder to tap into right away, but after a few rides the fitness always comes back.

    When getting back on the bike, perception is a huge problem. “how do my legs feel? – not good”, “i should be going faster on this section of the ride” etc. When returning from a break from the bike it is so important (and difficult)to just get the miles done without bringing all these performance judgments. Do the miles and the feeling if fitness will return.

    I hope you’re still riding and not getting too discouraged. It’s a beautiful sport…keep it up.


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