9/1/06: Moody & Golden Oak (28.2 Miles)

After two consecutive days of climbing steeps, my legs felt like rubber, but I was curious to see how Los Trancos and Viste Verde Way compared with Moody Road, which I had ridden with Tom last summer. Moody is .53 miles and averages 12% so its a little longer and a little bit less steep that what I had been riding recently. However, when I tried Moody last year I had to stop halfway up and I remember it being the steepest and hardest road I’d ever ridden.

I took the scenic route through Los Altos Hills to Moody. Moody starts out gently but and gradually builds the grade over about 1-1.5 miles to the point where Krebs Cycling map gives it 1 chevron (<) before hitting the steep section. The steep section is almost hidden by a sharp hairpin turn. At first it doesn’t seem so bad but the toughest sections are hidden around the next bend. It got me out of my saddle after about .15 miles and despite my burning legs, the incline force me to stay there until I hit the stop sign at Page Mill Road. In my opinion, Moody is definitely tougher than the lower section of Los Trancos because while 18% is very difficult I can push muscles for a quarter mile. However, .53 miles is a different story and I was exhausted at the top but I decided to rest in descending Page Mill rather than stopping.

At the bottom of Page Mill I turned left on Arastadero and right on Portola. I thought I was done for the day and was heading home, but I had been reading about Golden Oak and when I noticed it off Alpine I couldn’t contain my curiosity. The first .38 miles of Golden Oak range between 11% and 19%. It was brutal after having climbed Moody and I had to stop at Bear Gulch Road after .28 miles. Had I known that I was .1 miles a way from a break in the grade, I think I could have kept going but considering how much my legs were hurting the break probably wasn’t a bad thing. Afterwards its steep rolling hills for about another half mile before rejoining Alpine road across from Los Trancos and just below Portola. I decided to head up to Portola and take it and Sand Hill Road back home. I was very very tired and even climbing Sand Hill was hard.

Here are my stats:

2h 9m 16s

28.20 miles

13.0 avg mph

33.6 max mph

785 calories

126 avg heart rate

170 max heart rate

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