9/30/06: To Huddart Park w/ Susan (30 Miles)

Today I rode with Susan up to Huddart Park on Kings Mountain Road.  We started out up Sand Hill Road, went right on Whiskey Hill, then left on Woodside and right on Kings Mountain.  Huddart Park is about 1.5 miles from the beginning of the Kings Mountain climb, which starts at Tripp Road.  It is a climb to Huddart Park, but its not as steep as the second half of the climb.  Susan is a very strong rider but despite the fact that she has done every major climb on the Peninsula, she lacks confidence in her climbing ability.  After resting for a couple of minutes at the park, Susan headed back down to Tripp Road and I climbed up another .75 miles and then met back up with her.

I’ve never actually felt better climbing that I did today on Kings Mountain.  If I had been climbing on my own today, I think I would have put a blistering time on Kings up to Skyline.  I felt so strong that the road just seemed flat.

After meeting Susan back at Trip Road, we took it out to Woodside Road, went left on Portola where we stayed right and headed back down on Alpine Road.  We turned on Junipero Serra and then coasted down to Page Mill to North California Avenue where we had lunch at Izzy’s.

I didn’t save my ride stats but I remeber that it was about 30 miles.

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