9/25/06: Ride to Half Moon Bay (37.6 Miles)

Today I rode from Palo Alto to Half Moon Bay. It was a more difficult ride that I had anticipated but not too bad on the whole. The wind on Highway 84 and Highway 1 definitely made the ride at bit more difficult than it looked on paper.

I rode up Old La Honda to Skyline and then down Old La Honda West to Highway 84. Highway 84 is a long descent of about 6 or 7 miles before hitting a rolling flat section before Stage Road and Highway 1. The descent through Pescadero is fun and beautiful. There were very few cars on the road so I was able to ride it fast and take the full lane for most of the turns. However, the road gets very pebbly. Pebbly probably isn’t a word but it seems to be the best way to describe the road with was quite uncomfortable. The road surface wasn’t in disrepair, it just wasn’t smooth and was made up of thousands of small pebbles. It definitely wasn’t unbearable but it was pleasant either.

I turned right at Stage Road, which climbs 1 mile to Highway 1. The climb on Stage Road felt good. I was more tired than I expected at this point, but the grade was manageable (I’d guess 6%) and very consistent. I went slowly, but this climb was easy.

I made a right on Highway 1 and headed North towards Half Moon Bay. At this point the the temperature began to drop and I was a little bit cold. It wasn’t too bad, but if I do it again any later in the Fall, I will definitely bring leg & arm warmers. Highway 1 is also quite windy and a huge gust coming in off the ocean hit me just as I was crossing the bridge before Tunitas Creek Road and nearly knocked me off my bike. Highway 1 was mostly rolling hills a couple of short steep climbs but otherwise nothing difficult. The traffic moves quickly on Highway 1 but the bike lane is very wide most of the way. Traffic really picked up in Half Moon Bay, but otherwise it was light.

After passing though downtown Half Moon Bay I met a friend at his beach house were I spent the night. Also, we had dinner and several beers at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Its a great place with a nice beer garden that has roaring fire pits to sit around. The food was a little bit expensive but the beer was cheap and very good. I highly recommend their Maverick’s Amber Ale. Just the kind of place I was looking for after a long ride.

Here are my stats:

2h 43m 37s
37.63 miles
36.3 max mph
13.7 avg mph
1170 calories

142 avg heart rate

239 max heart rate (this must be wrong)

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