Round Up: August 8th through 24th

8/8/06: I rode 28 miles in 2 hours including Old La Honda Road in 30:10.

8/10/06: I was in Tahoe staying at Fallen Leaf Lake. I rode from Stanford Sierra Camp along Fallen Leaf Road to Tahoe Mountain rode with was a short climb of less than 1 mile to a long decent to Lake Tahoe Blvd, which also decended to its intersection with Highway 89. I made a left on 89 through Camp Richardson and then another left back on to Fallen Leaf Road. Instead of heading back into Stanford Sierra Camp, I stayed straight at the firestation and rode up Glen Alpine Road. Glen Alpine is a very steep, narrow and pot hole ridden road that does have some cars traffice. Its only about .75 miles but with the road conditions combined with the altitude make it a challenge. To give an idea of how bad the road was, I actually went slower, squeezing my brakes as hard as I could, going downhill than I did uphill. 19 Miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
8/11/06: I had some intention of riding around Lake Tahoe (72 Miles), however, I woke up too late and by the time I got on the road at 8:30am Highway 89 already had enough traffic that I wasn’t comfortable riding a road with little or no bike lane. From Fallen Leaf Road I made a left on Highway 89 and road up to the pass at Emerald Bay. Climbing Emerald Bay is only about a mile, but it is very steep on a very narrow road that has moderate traffic. Furthermore, as the road twists it hugs the side of the mountain on one side, with a steep drop off on the other. There’s barely enought room for cars on the road let alone a bike and being passed by cars was hairy. Add in the altitude and this was a tough climb for me. Any thoughts I had about attempting to do the entire lake were squashed as my lungs and thighs burned climbing up the pass at Emerald Bay. Reaching the top was very satisfying and the views are amazing. Afterwards, I backtracked 89 to Lake Taho Blvd, where I made a right. I made another right and climbed back up Tahoe Mountain Road, which is good climb. I don’t know how long it was but it felt like about 2 miles. The grade was steep enough to get me down into my lowest gear but not enough to really hurt me after climbing up Emerald Bay. Lastly, I made a left back on to Fallen Leaf Road back into Sierra Camp. I road 24 miles in 2 hours.8/13/06: I rode 28 miles in 2 hours including Old La Honda in 29:47.

8/14/06: I rode 41 miles to Sarratoga and back. I was very tired and my legs really burned up the short climbs on Mt. Eden (6.6% grade over .75 miles) and Pierce (7.9% grade over 0.6 miles).

8/17/06: I rode 27 miles out Alameda de las Pulgas, up Woodside, over on Portola and down Alpine.

8/18/06: I rode 28 miles in 2 hours including Old La Honda in 30:06. I was a little bit disappointed that my time up Old La Honda was slower than the 29:47 that I rode on 8/8/06.

8/20/06: I rode 17.5 miles time trialing around the Portola Loop. I set new recent personal best with an average mph of 18.2, my previous best was 17.7mph. I hit the top of Alpine road at 16.2 mph, which was significantly fast than my previous best of 15.6mph, so I knew I was on for a fast time. Admittedly, I did get lucky with all green lights down Sand Hill Road, which probably boosted my time by .1-.2 mph.

8/21/06: I road 28 miles up Edgewood back to Woodside on Canada and then over to Alpine road on Portola.

8/22/06: I road 31 miles including going up Old La Honda with my college roommate. I dont’ know what my time was up Old La Honda but I really struggled up the hill. My legs were soar and my back was absolutely killing me.

8/23/06: I road 7.5 miles in the Marin Headlands with my college roommate. We were planning on doing a longer ride but his girlfriend called and asked him to make some dinner in Fresno. What ever happened to “Rides before Brides?” Anyway, the short ride that we did was amazing. We started at the parking lot on the south bound side of 101 at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge on Conzelman Road. The ride starts out with a 1.75 mile climb up Conzelman Road. The first half mile is the steepest and then if flattens out a bit. Conzelman is beautiful looking out over the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. It also winds past WWII bunkers that are kind of interesting. At some point, I’d like to go back and explore them a bit more. After reaching the top of Conzelman you get a very very steep down hill that definitely requires braking from the drops. A right at the T-Junction, which I think is Field Road, takes you through a misty valley. Make a slight right, basically staying straight, on to Bunker Road. Bunker Road comes to a one way tunnel where you wait your turn to cross under highway 101. The tunnel rarely drys out completely from the rain and mist, so it is very slippery and caution is required. After exiting the tunnel make a right on Sausalito Lateral Road, which crosses back underneath 101 again where it becomes Conzelman and takes you back to the parking lot.

8/24/06: I rode 34 miles out to Highway 92 and back around the Loop.

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