Ride Description: The Portola Loop

The Portola Loop is kindof my time trial, it isn’t too long or too steep so I usually try to push for a fast time. The Loop it self goes up Alpine Road, takes a right on Portola and then continues straight on to Sand Hill Road at the point where Portola makes a left back into the town of Woodside. At the base of Sand Hill Road a quick right onto Junipero Serra Blvd leads back to the start of the ride at the bottom of Alpine Road.

The route starts with a gentle uphill section on Apline road of approximately 3-4 miles to Portola. The last mile, from the Alpine Inn to Portola, gets a little bit steeper but its nothing too difficult. From Portola to the base of Sand Hill is a rolling section that is mostly down hill. Sand Hill is a short steep climb that can get your heart rate up but its only about a quarter mile. After topping Sand Hill and getting over the freeway all that’s left is a decent of several miles down Sand Hill Road. Riding from my house in Palo Alto, across Stanford Campus and over to Alpine Road adds a couple of flat miles, which makes it about a 17 mile ride depending on the exact route that I take.

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