8/3/06 The Portola Loop (17.2 mph)

I rode the Portola Loop today. I’m just getting back into shape and this was the 8th consecutive day that I’ve done something physically active. Furthermore, yesterday I rode 37 miles including a climb up Edgewood, which is pretty steep for me right now, so my legs were feeling tired. Nonetheless, I set a recent personal best at 17.2 average mph today, but I felt that I could have ridden faster with a day off. I really pooped out climbing up the backside of Sand Hill. I stood up on the pedals and was riding at about 10-11mph which is a little slow for me. My average mph dropped on the climb from 16.6 to 16.1, which is quite a lot. Also, I got caught really badly by a red light on Sand Hill Road. I was going 32+mph at the time and had to slam on my breaks so hard that I almost went over the handle bars, which meant that I both lost a ton of momentum and was stuck in my heaviest gear when the light changed back to green. I think with a little more rest and a little more luck I could have pushed my average mph up a bit.

Here are my stats:

  • 17.59 miles
  • 17.2 average mph
  • 42.0 max mph
  • 146 average heart rate
  • 1h 3min ride time

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